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About Feier Wang

I embraced ceramics in 2019, after experimenting with various mediums. The flexibility of clay spoke to me, allowing me to explore hand-building, pinching, and slab techniques. My approach reflects a belief in the endless possibilities of clay—each piece I create is a unique reflection of this potential.

My creations are more than made; they are grown, evolved, and nurtured. Each one is a distinct expression of my connection to nature, an ode to simplicity, and an invitation to others to appreciate the beautifully imperfect world around us.

Hi, I’m Fēier Wáng, a ceramisist living in Berlin. My work is deeply rooted in the tradition of stoneware, where I shape not just objects, but vessels that capture the essence of the natural world.

Every curve, crease, and contour in my work tells a story from my childhood mountains in China—a landscape that still inspires my creations. From the rugged mountain ranges to the raw beauty of unrefined stones and the soft patterns of water stirred by the wind, I reincarnate these elements with a loving touch.


春 Spring | Muji | Berlin | May 2022

1000 Vases | Galerie Joseph | Paris | September 2022

Group pop-up Art works Exhibition | Octopinns | Berlin | October 2022

Artisan Souls | Muji | Berlin | October 2022

CERAMICS | Muji | Berlin | November 2022

Pop-up | Oukan Tee | Berlin | Jan - Feb 2023

Young and Young and Young | Korean Cultural Center | Berlin | Feb - Apr 2023

CERAMICS | Muji | Berlin | Oct 2023

Spring | Muji | Berlin | Mar - Apr 2024


Berlin Design Week | Berlin | April 2024

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