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Fēier Wáng is a Berlin based ceramicist. She works with stoneware and creates earthy, organic and grounded ceramic pieces. 


All her works are handmade and resonate with nature, simple and beautiful objects like mountain, water, wave, stone and flower. Her works are heavily influenced by her childhood where she spent in a mountainous area in China. The curves of the mountain range, the roughness of unpolished stones and waves under breeze inspired her works.


After experimenting with other materials, in 2019, she began exploring clay and its different building technics. Now she focuses on hand building with pinching and slab, where she has unlimited posibilities to create unique shapes. 


春 Spring | Muji | Berlin | May 2022

1000 Vases | Galerie Joseph | Paris | September 2022

Group pop-up Art works Exhibition | Octopinns | Berlin | October 2022

Artisan Souls | Muji | Berlin | October 2022

CERAMICS | Muji | Berlin | November 2022

Pop-up | Oukan Tee | Berlin | Jan - Feb 2023

Young and Young and Young | Korean Cultural Center | Berlin | Feb - Apr 2023


Muji | Berlin | Oct 2023

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